February 12, 2008
Civil Guard

Spain is still arguing about the bitter legacy from the Franco years. Passions are aroused about events during the long years of dictatorship. A new law, the Ley de la Memoria Histórica, aims to heal some of the lingering wounds but has only succeeded in exacerbating the fierce debate.

Thus, Between Two Fires could not be more timely. This important new book throws fresh light on a forgotten war, which raged years after Spain’s Civil War and went largely unreported.

Author David Baird has scoured official archives from Barcelona to Washington and interviewed scores of survivors to dig out the true story behind the anti-Franco resistance movement. 

Now — after more than five years’ research — his book, Between Two Fires — Guerrilla war in the Spanish sierrasis out. 

This is the true story of what happens when humble country folk find themselves in the front line in a secret war. Leading the guerrillas against Franco’s Civil Guard was a legendary figure, Roberto, a veteran of the Civil War and the French Resistance, charismatic but doomed.

Guerrilleros, villagers, Civil Guards give a moving account of bloodshed and betrayal,  courage and heroism. Little did they know that as the guerrilla war raged, politicians as far apart as London and Moscow were pulling the strings.

In the words of noted British historian Paul Preston: “As exciting as any thriller, yet deeply moving, it deserves to be read by everyone concerned with the history of contemporary Spain.” 

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