October 12, 2010

Author David Baird recalls how he was reminded in chilling fashion that often rural tranquillity is not all it seems.
One night was enough for me. Friends invited my wife and myself to stay the weekend at their new-found shangri-la, a remote farmhouse in southern Spain.
The idea was to enjoy the rural tranquillity. Tranquillity? Madre mía! Throughout the night it seemed we were under siege as a pack of wild dogs stormed around the isolated farmhouse, baying like the hound of the Baskervilles multiplied a hundredfold.
At breakfast our friends joked about neighbours dropping in at all hours, moody, taciturn types who would sit at the kitchen table gazing at them in a strange fashion.
The more they told me about these odd visitations the more the hairs on the back of my neck rose up and the more it became plain they had stepped into a hornets’ nest. Read the rest of this entry »