Between Two Fires wins acclaim in US

Between Two Fires — Guerrilla war in the Spanish sierras, a poignant account of how a  village was trapped in a brutal conflict for years after the Civil War, has been setting sales records in the United States.

Since it became available in the Lightning Source edition, which can be ordered through Amazon online, it has been selling steadily to American readers keen to know more about this forgotten war — a war which went virtually unreported due to strict censorship.

The book has won critical praise from across the world. “As exciting as any thriller yet deeply moving, it deserves to be read by everyone concerned with the history of contemporary  Spain,”says historian Paul Preston, author of The Spanish Civil War and Franco – A Biography.

Ian Gibson, author of acclaimed biographies of Lorca and Dalí, says: “There could be nobody better suited to tell this story than David Baird, and he has done so magnificently.”

California historian Mark Williams, declares: “A masterful job! Every kid growing up in southern Spain should be required to read this book to place his/her life in perspective.”

Australian social commentator Phillip Grenard notes: “Absolutely rivetting… a wonderfully evocative footnote to history presumably  experienced in many parts of Spain. I  can’t put it down…. a great piece of research.

London journalist Perrott Phillips comments: “Profoundly researched, deeply sympathetic to the subject  and compellingly written.”

Author Nicholas Inman, based in France, asserts: “I am deeply impressed. It would be good if more people read this book to remind them how lucky they are to be alive now and not then.”

The new edition of Between Two Fires – Guerrilla war in the Spanish sierras is published by Maroma Press and printed by Lightning Press in Britain, the USA and Australia. It can be ordered online from leading websites such as Amazon. In Spain it is also on sale at a number of English-language bookshops.

The Spanish edition in hardback, Historia de los maquis – Entre dos fuegos (published by Editorial Almuzara, Córdoba), can be ordered from Spanish bookshops.

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