NOSTALGIC for the old days? Well, maybe not, after reading David Baird’s latest novel.  The author vividly captures the atmosphere of the so-called Pearl of the Orient thanks to his years working in Hong Kong as a journalist — both when it was a British colony and later when it returned to Chinese rule.

From the first lines of  Typhoon Season, you’ll find yourself on a roller-coaster ride, encountering a body floating in the South China Sea, a missing heroin stash, a doomed love affair, corruption in high places… Typhoon Season cover

After years away Clive Spillman is returning to Hong Kong. Memories flood back as not-so-heroic hero Clive Spillman reflects : “A crazy time to visit. The air would be as thick as soup, the humidity overpowering.”

Even as the Cathay Pacific Jumbo banked over the South China Sea for the approach, he wasn’t sure why he was returning….

Soon Spillman tangles with Triad gangsters, crooked policemen, sophisticated socialites with secrets to hide, a kung-fu film star with lethal fists. When he asks too many questions he ends up running for his life.
Typhoon Season is a tightly constructed thriller that moves along at a cracking pace,” reported the Sunday Morning Post (Hong Kong) reviewer.
A Times of London correspondent noted: “Thrilling novel…brilliantly evokes life in Hong Kong in the lead-up to the 1997 Handover to China.”
“Fluent prose and pithy plot-making,” judged The Correspondent reviewer (Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club).
Typhoon Season (ISBN: 978-84-614-6589-7, published by Maroma Press) is on sale from Amazon and other online outlets such as Hong Kong-based http://www.paddyfield.com/mainstore2/details.php?prod=9788461465897&
It is also available as an ebook at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/205789
Contact the publisher for further information: https://maromapress.wordpress.com/ 

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