Sunny Side — the 21st century hits a Spanish village

Sunny Side Up is David Baird’s ironic look at rural life, reflecting the dramatic changes in southern Spain since he went to live there more than 30 years ago. And now it’s part of a school curriculum — making it required reading in Spanish schools.

Sunny Side cover

“This is a bit daunting,” admitted David, a journalist and author long based in the Axarquía (the eastern corner of Málaga province), when he heard that Sunny Side Up Up — The 21st century hits a Spanish village had been selected as a set book for Fifth Grade students at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Motril, Granada province.

“I have to give presentations to the students and I’m used to asking questions rather than answering them.

“Fielding questions from a bunch of critical students is a different game — especially for somebody who until recently had never made a public speech in his life!”

Hilarious, nostalgic and moving, his book inspired the Sunday Times to comment: “Recommended reading for anybody who ever wondered what happened to the ‘real Spain’.”

After working around the world as a journalist, David has been based for some years in Spain, reporting  for international publications on everything from earthquakes to wine festivals.

Sunny Side Up is published by Maroma Press ( and is available from English-language bookshops in Spain or from Amazon.


3 Responses to Sunny Side — the 21st century hits a Spanish village

  1. Miguel Booth says:

    What delightful news! Spanish young people at last get an opportunity–in the curriculum, yet–to find out what goes on inside the heads of those strange alien extranjeros. This is an important breakthrough. No joke.

  2. Edward Owen says:

    Essential, fun reading for an expats who can be entertained at the same time as learning more about their adopted home in the sun. David Baird, a deservedly award winning writer, gets behind the shutters!
    Edward Owen, former foreign correspondent in Madrid.

  3. Sunny Side — the 21st century hits a Spanish village | Maroma Press

    […]If you look at the ‘meh’ list of convention speakers that includes almost the whole Trump family, you can see why he needed Cruz to speak.[…]

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