Rave reviews for Between Two Fires 

“David Baird has painstakingly recreated the tragic yet heroic story of one small group.  At a time when Spain is wracked by bitter dispute over what happened during and after the Civil War, this superbly written book could not be more timely.  As exciting as any thriller, yet deeply moving, it deserves to be read by everyone concerned with the history of contemporary Spain.” — historian Paul Preston

“There could be nobody better suited to tell this story and David Baird does so magnificently…sheds an intense and necessary light on the larger issues.” — Lorca biographer Ian Gibson

“Between Two Fires fascinatingly documents the struggle between the guerrillas and the Guardia Civil around the village of Frigiliana in the 1940s and ’50s.” — Lonely Planet

“Profoundly researched, deeply sympathetic to the subject  and compellingly written. In the end, the tragedy is that, despite all the barbarity, the betrayals, the wanton killing, the bleakness, the deprivation and the blighting of all those young lives, it was all for nothing. Longevity was on Franco’s side, the passion evaporated and improved standards of living did the rest.” — Perrott Phillips, British journalist and author

“Two books I could literally not put down: For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway and Between Two Fires by David Baird. For Whom The Bell Tolls, although a novel and I assume mostly fictional, you are actually THERE, living during those times. Between Two Fires is historical fact and deals with the events immediately after the war when guerrillas took to the hills, determined to carry on with their struggle against Franco. Some of the witnesses’ testimony is amazing. It should be required reading for anyone intending to put down roots in Spain.” — Website Smile! You’re in Spain

“With Between Two Fires David Baird has written a valuable and necessary book, particularly for those of us who are interested in the tragic events in Spain during and after the Spanish Civil War. He got there in time to speak with witnesses and participants — on both sides, adding to our understanding of post-war Spain at a moment when the legacy of the Franco years is still a subject of fierce debate.” — Granada-based writer Mike Booth

“A tragic tale told compellingly…deserves a wide readership…and begs a film treatment.” — Spain Magazine (UK)

“A gripping and well-told story, with many genuine revelations that will surprise readers.” — Soltalk Magazine, Spain.

Reader responses to Between Two Fires

Philip Grenard, journalist, says:
Absolutely riveting. A wonderfully evocative footnote to history presumably  experienced in many parts of Spain. I can’t believe it lasted like that well into 50s. It surely deserves widespread publication.

Sharon Wevill says:
March 21, 2008 at 11:48 am | Reply edit
I’ve known David Baird for years and have read with great interest his guide books and the wonderful Sunny Side Up. This new book, Between Two Fires, about the effects of the Civil War in the area where I’ve lived for some time is a gem–fascinating for its specific detail about the lives of the people who experienced the war and its long aftermath. I was very moved by the personal testimonies, from people of all persuasions, recounted with great clarity and honesty, as well as new and surprising information David scoured many archives to uncover regarding the role of Stalin and of the American secret services during this period.

Dick Handscombe says:
September 8, 2008 at 3:07 pm | Reply edit
What a good summer read and for others beyond. Having come across many signs of the civil war and later guerrilla warfare during our many walks around Spain David’s book filled missing links in our knowledge and we have been only two happy to recommend the book to others in our various writings. Although being a step-by-step factual account of real events, the book is as good as any John Le Carre thriller!

An English reader comments:
Your wonderful book makes one think — very hard. How amazing to have the accounts of survivors — both living and recently dead — who have added precious knowledge to a previously unknown period of horror.


One Response to REVIEWS

  1. Edward Owen says:

    Review for Typhoon Season
    Edward Owen, Journalist

    The last time I was in Hong Kong was to cover the handover of the former British colony to the Chinese in 1997. Of course the question everyone asked was: What’s going to happen?

    Indeed Hong Kong seethed with so many people, triads, mafias, British servicemen and spies, bent politicians and ambitious entrepreneurs coupled with so much energy and corruption that China actually had to tread carefully.

    David Baird’s Typhoon Season brilliantly evokes life in Hong Kong in the lead up to the handover. Ruthless rivals try and stake out as much territory as they can in this thrilling novel that is daringly based more on fact than fiction.

    This is a fast moving, highly entertaining story, that should be read by anyone interested in Hong Kong and how China and the West spar with each other.

    And all set in the Hong Kong that Baird knew so well from his years as a journalist based there, experiencing the intrigues and violence as well as enjoying the the dying days of expat life as the Brits enjoyed a last splurge.

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