WE’RE ALL ESCAPISTS AT HEART, dreaming of another life in another place without the nagging worries that go with our daily routine.Fiesta frontcover
However, if you take the big step and launch yourself into a new life, a “simple life” in a totally different environment, it can turn out rather more complicated than you expected.
In the case of one not-so-innocent Britisher, his escapist dream turn turns into a dramatic adventure with sinister surprises lying in wait.
Don’t Miss The Fiesta!, a thriller set in a Spanish village, takes the lid off the surprises that could await a stranger in an outwardly tranquil Andalusian pueblo.
Beneath the village’s placid surface lurk dark secrets and a nightmare of guilt dating back to Spain’s Civil War.
When the outsider arrives, old hatreds soon surface. He falls for a delightful village girl — only to find himself embroiled in local rivalries and calls for vengeance.
“It’s so easy for strangers to stumble into situations they don’t understand,” comments author David Baird.
Much of his book is based on personal experience — he has lived in Spain for many years. The characters in the book are figments of his imagination, but true-life incidents sparked the idea for the plot.
“Some friends thought they had found a rural shangri-la and sat back to enjoy the simple life. Then came midnight knocks on the door and other strange incidents and they found they had become involved in fierce family feuds.”
Born in Shropshire, David Baird has worked around the world as a journalist, from Fleet Street and Toronto to Sydney and Hong Kong. His books have also been published in German and Spanish.
Don’t Miss The Fiesta!, his first work of fiction, is on sale at English-language bookshops in Spain. It can also be bought direct from the publishers, Maroma Press, on this site and from To save postage costs, buyers can also download it at
His travel books include Sunny Side Up – The 21st century hits a Spanish village and Back Roads of Southern Spain.
Maroma Press also publishes Baird’s non-fiction book Between Two Fires. Historians Ian Gibson and Paul Preston have praised this well-researched account of a forgotten war waged by the anti-Franco guerrilla movement in Spain in the 1940s and 1950s.

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